when does solar payoff?

Return On Investment

Check out this quick video about your return on investment for your solar system.

your payment options

By partnering with a variety of financing companies, we can make paying for your system easy and smart.  We help you get approved in minutes and offer a variety of options to meet everyone’s budget and goals. 


Your finance payment can BEAT your electric bill & remain FIXED, regardless of electric rate increases! Many options include reinvesting your tax credit to reduce your payment even more!

pace financing

Pay through your property taxes. Zero down options with terms up to 30 years.

traditional financing

Pay through a traditional loan, get approved in minuets. Large variety of packages.

cash out of pocket

You can always pay cash and start getting your return on investment day one!

property assessed clean energy

PACE financing

PACE allows you to finance your solar system through your property taxes. You qualify for this financing based on the equity in your home, instead of your FICO score or income. We work with both Ygrene and PACE Funding to bring you a variety of different PACE options that include zero down and payback terms up to 30 years.

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