4 Myths About Solar Energy: Debunked

4 Myths About Solar Energy: Debunked

If you ever thought about investing in solar panels, or if you’ve already bought a set, we have no doubt you have received so-called “facts” from all your friends about the pros and cons of solar energy. “What happens to your energy supply at night? Or when it rains?” What about: “solar energy might be better for the environment, but how does it fair for your wallet? I’ve heard solar panels are more expensive than they’re worth.”

Whatever you’ve heard from family, friends, or the internet, the experts at Bison Roofing & Solar are here to get you the facts.

1. Solar Cells Work Better In Hotter Climates

If you’ve ever heard this one, you’ve probably thought “great, Florida has a tropical climate – my solar cells will work perfectly.” While solar panels do work extremely well in Florida – it has nothing to do with the heat.

Solar cells convert sunlight, not heat, into the energy we use to power our homes. This is great for Floridians because Florida is the Sunshine State!

2. Cloudy Days = No Solar Energy Conversion

This one is misleading because, while solar panels take in less energy on a cloudy day, this does not mean they aren’t converting energy. On a cloudy day, solar panels can convert about 10-25% of their normal output. Luckily, energy from sunny days can be stored and used on cloudy ones.

3. Solar Panels Cannot Power Your Home At Night

This one always makes us laugh. No one in their right mind would buy solar panels if they were in the dark the second the sun sets. And more than that, we wouldn’t sell them!

Solar panels can power your home in the dark. Solar cells harness power in the day and store it to be used at night, or when it is rainy.

4. Solar Cells are Expensive

Another Myth! While solar technology was quite expensive when it first went on the market, the price of installing solar panels for your home or business has dropped dramatically in recent years. When solar tech first came to market in the 70s, it cost about $76.67 per watt, but as of 2014, the price had dropped to $0.36 per watt. As the technology progresses, the expense will undoubtedly drop even further.

Get the Facts About Solar</h2

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