About Us

About Bison Roofing & Solar

Bison Roofing & Solar designs and installs affordable, turn key solar photovoltaic systems.  We provide homeowners and business with high quality solar PV systems that earn you money and energy independence while contributing toward a sustainable planet.  We have also been installing full roof replacements for over 10 years.  We are Florida Licensed Solar, Roofing and Electrical Contractors so you can feel at ease knowing there is an experienced professional working on every aspect of your project.

Our Services

Our services include roofing and solar PV system installations for residential and commercial properties. We also specialize in storm damage restoration and working with insurance companies.

Our Products

We refuse to cut corners and compromise on the quality of our materials. The products we install are of top quality and are back by trusted warranties.

Our Crews

Our crews are teams of trained, experienced professionals who teat each job as if it were their own home, always completing a top quality job in a timely manner.

Reviews and Testimonials

HOME ADVISOR.  We have achieved a Top Rated status on Home Advisor along with a 5 star rating.

BBB.  Through 11 years of operation and hundres of customer, we have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

SolarReviews.com.  We are one of the top 100 companies of 2016 on solarreviews.com and also hold a 5 star rating.

FACEBOOK.  Check out our Facebook page to see the solar systems we are installing everyday along with all of our 5 star reviews.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Certifications and Memberships

Being members of and getting certified through key strategic organizations, not only helps us keep up to date with the newest innovations in the industry, but it also keeps accountable to upholding our company ethics and standards to the highest expectations.

USGBC.  We are members of the USGBC, which helps advance spaces that are better for the environment.

WISE.  We are members of WISE, which is a non-profit that promotes the involvement of women in the solar industry.

NABCEP Certified.  We have demonstrated our competence in the field and our commitment to uphold high stands of ethical practice.

FLASEIA.  We are members f FLASEIA, which is a non-profit dedicated to protecting/promoting the interst of the solar industry in Florida.

Meet The Owners of Bison Roofing & Solar

Adam & Kimberly Coughlin

solar panel installation company owners

Adam (originally from Buffalo, NY) and Kimberly (originally from Loves Park, IL), met in Madison, WI and traveled the country together doing insurance restoration work for hail damaged roofs.  Adam established his own roofing company in 2005. Kimberly then went on to become the 9th woman in Florida to become a Certified Solar Contractor.  Together, with their shared values of honesty and handwork, Bison Roofing & Solar has become South Florida’s #1 Roofing and Solar Company, finally bringing solar to the sunshine state.

A Word From the Owners

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about solar and how it can benefit you as well as our community and the planet.  We realize that solar is new to Florida and therefore can be a time consuming learning process for the consumer; we realize that you are not only trying to learn more about solar but also must take the time to find the right company to fit your needs.

Our goal is that with the information we provide you here, along with all the info you will receive with your free solar evaluation, we can save you time in quest to learn about solar and show you why Bison Roofing & Solar is the right company for your rooftop solar PV system and installation.

We are truly passionate about what we offer at Bison Roofing & Solar and enjoy being a part of something that can make this planet a better place.  As a company, we not only get the save our customers money, but we get to make them money at the same time; if that isn’t enough, we also get to help save the planet, create more jobs and grow our economy.  There is no other opportunity like this out there and we are so excited to be a part of one of the fastest growing industries in the country.



Please take your time on our website learning about more solar and our company.  We hope that in turn, you become just as exited and passionate as we are about being a part of this great opportunity.  Please feel free to contact us for your free solar evaluation and/or with any additional questions you may have about how you can generate free, renewable energy.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Adam & Kimberly Coughlin

“What you think,

you become.

What you feel,

you attract.

What you imagine,

you create.”