Consider the Benefits of Solar Energy

Sun benefits

Consider the Benefits of Solar Energy

The Florida sun is an incredibly powerful energy resource. Solar energy, which is derived from the sun’s radiation, is a great way to reduce air pollution caused by burning coal, gas and other fossil fuels. The benefits of solar energy extend beyond simply cleaner air.

Nature, Sun and Florida

An article published by EcoMarkSolar states that 72% of pollution in water has been found to have been caused by coal and gas burning. With Florida having over 65,000 square miles of land comprised either mostly or entirely out of water, this is something we should care a great deal about.

The use of solar energy in Florida would help to protect the many water based ecosystems and wildlife conservation sites. A reduction in pollutants entering Florida waters would also keep important agricultural lakes such as Lake Okeechobee, free of any harmful toxins that could affect Florida’s drinking water or the foods grown and raised on local farms.

Solar Energy is Reliable <2>

Utilities like fossil fuel generators and power plants are subject to nature’s wild moods. These mood swings can leave many customer’s homes without power, which can take days or even weeks before electricity is properly restored by the power companies.

For most people a week without power in their home is a inconvenience, but for families comprised of children and elderly family members, electricity is a must. Solar power systems are designed to stand up against the elements, even when facing the toughest storm. So whether it’s a flood or hurricane, your loved ones will always have the power they need.

An Unlimited Source of Power for the Ages

Even with proper planning many of the Earth’s resources, that humans burn in order to create electricity, will not only run out; their unclean consumption will cause the Earth’s land, oceans, and skies to become heavily polluted with cancerous toxins.

However, the sun is an unlimited source of clean energy with a lifespan of over five billion years. With a Bison Roofing solar panel system and rechargeable batteries to store excess power, you’ll never have to worry about being without power even on the cloudiest of days. Harvest the unlimited power of the sun today!

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