Choose Bison Roofing & Solar Company in South Florida

Choose Bison Roofing & Solar Company in South Florida

Alternative energy is an exciting and affordable option to fossil fuels. If you want to go green and reduce your carbon footprint, or if you are unhappy with your current energy costs, consider switching to an alternative energy source, like solar energy.

Solar panels are a practical alternative for your home. Discover how you can benefit from using solar energy, options you may have for financing solar panels, and how to find the best solar company in Florida. Learn how you can get started today with clean, efficient solar energy for your entire home.

What Are Solar Panels?

It’s a great time to switch to solar. With dropping costs across the nation, solar can be a practical option for many homes. Installing a solar system requires a professional technician and can be done in several ways. Typically, a solar system uses an array of solar panels installed conveniently on your roof. This allows the panels to maximize their solar input while keeping your yard clear. If your roof isn’t an option, panels can also be installed in your yard where they are easier to clean.

Solar panel systems can either be used to supplement your electric bill or completely replace it. There are many factors to consider when choosing the size and location of your solar panel system, so contact a professional to discuss your options.

Reduce Your Monthly Energy Costs

While solar panels are a substantial initial investment, they can reduce or completely remove your monthly energy costs. With energy prices rising, solar can help you stabilize your expenses and accurately predict your future expenses. This stability can not only save you money but also relieve some of the stress that comes with unknown or rising costs.

The initial investment may be smaller than you realize. Thanks to generous federal tax incentives, you can save a substantial amount. Learn more about the 30% Investment Tax Credit, and contact a local solar company to discover if there are any state or local credits or incentives available.

The easiest way to balance the lower monthly costs and the large initial investment is to consider your return on investment. Ask your local solar company about your ROI calculation. They can accurately determine how long it will take your solar system to pay for itself. After that, you can expect electricity for little or no monthly costs.

Save the Environment

Do you know where your electricity comes from? Fossil fuels are still powering many communities across the country. You can reduce your carbon footprint through solar energy. Expect to reduce your CO₂ emissions by an average of 21,500 pounds each year with a typical solar system.

One system may not turn the tide in green energy movements. However, your system can encourage your neighbors and other members of your community to also switch to more green alternatives. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part in reducing carbon emissions in your area.

Choose Bison Roofing & Solar Company

For the best solar company in Florida, choose Bison Roofing & Solar Company. We have a team of licensed solar contractors who are able to install an entire solar panel system from start to finish. We’ll discuss your options, estimate your expected ROI, and efficiently install your system so you can start saving money. There are a number of financing options available, so you can get the project started today. From high-end solar technology to highly trained professionals, you can trust us to help you enjoy solar energy for a lifetime.

Payment Options

In order to get started reducing your carbon emissions and your monthly bill, you’ll need an initial investment. We offer multiple options for financing solar panels, so don’t worry if you don’t have cash on hand. Take a look at these three payment options:

1. Cash: If you can afford to pay in cash, you won’t have to replace your monthly electric bill with a monthly payment plan. Enjoy immediate free or reduced cost energy. This is the best option for an instant ROI.

2. Pace Financing: Don’t worry about a down payment or prepay penalties with this strategic option. Pace financing is based on your home’s equity and typically have low interest rates.

3. Unsecured Loans: For an income-based option, use an unsecured loan. You’ll still enjoy low-interest rates and no down payment. This plan also comes with fixed monthly payments.

Get Started Today

There’s plenty of reasons to choose solar, and few reasons not to choose Bison Roofing & Solar Company. Whether you’re looking for a green alternative or a great investment opportunity to add value to your home, there’s never been a better time to call. Contact us today to request a free solar evaluation. Simply fill out the online form or give us a call to start your journey to cutting down your monthly bills and enjoying free, clean energy.

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