What to Expect From Your Solar Roofing During A Hurricane

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What to Expect From Your Solar Roofing During A Hurricane

Hurricane Irma, a storm that broke records for both its size and strength, tore through the Caribbean and up the southeastern coast of the U.S., taking out homes and power lines along the way. Luckily, owners of solar roofing sustained only minimal damage. So, in the event of another major hurricane – what should you do to protect your solar roofing? 

The best way to prepare for a hurricane with solar roofing is to reach out to your solar installer, along with your local power company. Are there steps you can take to further weatherproof your panels? These are all questions for professionals who can help you adequately get ready for the storm.

What should you expect from your solar roofing during a hurricane, as your home is battered by wind and rain? There is some great news: If you have solar roofing, you may have unwittingly invested in superstrong roof protection. A well-installed solar system will include panels that meet Florida’s rigorous rules, and these panels can add one more line of defense against wind damage during a storm. Even if your solar panels are damaged, your actual roof may fare better thanks to the panel coverage. Many panels are graded to withstand winds up to 150 MPH, which is much more wind than your roof is likely able to take on.

In the case of damage, you’ll want a plan for repair. Remember, it’s important to call a professional for any sort of repair. In the aftermath of a hurricane, you could be putting yourself in danger if you try to repair your roof yourself. There’s still debris that could fall, and you’ll need to wait until it’s safe to get your roof back in prime condition.

At Bison Roofing & Solar, we provide affordable, top quality solar products. The benefits of solar are numerous – not only can solar panels protect your home during a storm, but they also come with tax incentives and environmental benefits. Reach out to us at 844-4FL-SOLAR to find out more, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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