FREE Google Nest Thermostat with Solar Installation

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FREE Google Nest Thermostat with Solar Installation



Monitoring Your Energy Production AND Usage Has Never Been So Easy! 

From now until December 31, 2016, every homeowner is entitled to a FREE Google Nest Thermostat with their new solar PV system from Bison Roofing & Solar. With 24/7 solar system monitoring from your smartphone, you can see up to the minute readings for each of your solar panels, showing you how much energy (in kWh) they’re producing, how much energy you’re no longer renting from your utility, and how much you’re reducing your carbon footprint. And with your Google Nest Learning Thermostat, you can reclaim control over your energy usage. A breakthrough in home energy efficiency, it’s the thermostat that programs itself, adjusting its settings to coincide with your daily routine.

Solar PV Systems and Smart Thermostats. It’s a match made in heaven!


Example of a SolarEdge Monitoring System


As shown in the above diagram, 24/7 Solar System Monitoring works through your home WiFi router, sending all of your panels’ information straight to your fingertips. Compatible with all smartphones and inverters, it’s a great tool for any savvy home energy expert! [divider_fancy]

Want more information? Feel free to contact us and we’ll help get you started with a free, comprehensive solar evaluation!


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