How To Get Your Solar Roof Ready For Fall

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How To Get Your Solar Roof Ready For Fall

The weather is slightly more bearable, and every store has a fall display out front. You already know what that means: It’s fall! Before you settle in with a Halloween movie and a bag of candy corn, you’ll need to think about how to prepare your solar roof for fall. What steps should you take? Read on to find out.

Adjust Your Roof’s Tilt

You’ll want to get the optimum amount of sunlight during every season, and because the Earth’s position relative to the sun changes throughout the year, you’ll need to check with a professional to find out whether your solar panels will need to be tilted to a different angle, and if so, how many degrees they’ll need to move. This will help you maximize the amount of light your roof is able to convert into energy.

Clean Your Solar Roof

This preparation tip isn’t specific to fall, but it presents a great opportunity for cleaning. It’ll be much cooler outside, so you’ll have an easier time cleaning the panels. If you’re based in Florida, you have an advantage over someone in, say, California. Our frequent rain helps clean solar panels, but you’ll still want to check them for debris like fallen branches and animal droppings.

Talk To A Solar Professional

There are many variables to consider depending on the size of your roof, the location of your home and the type of panels you’ve installed. Regular maintenance is an essential part of solar roof ownership, so talk to a professional to make sure you do what’s best for your panels.

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