Is Investing In A Solar Roof Worth It?

Is Investing In A Solar Roof Worth It?

Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite topic: money. When it comes to saving money on your electric bill and how to do it, I think it’s safe to say we’re all ears. Turning off your lights when you leave the house and turning off or decreasing the power of your air conditioning unit while you’re at work or on vacation are all great steps towards a lower electric bill, but there are better steps you can take.

Solar is the best way to save money and get a substantial return on investment. While the actual system may seem like a large chunk of change, investing in a solar system has proven to be more reliable—with a greater return—than investing in the stock market. Think of it like this: renting a home is convenient for a short while, but you’re spending money that you won’t ever get back, whereas buying a home gives you the opportunity to invest in a space that you can get a potentially large return on your investment. Solar is the same way; renting electricity gives you no return, while generating your own can offer a great return on your initial investment in the solar system. As a bonus, you could even make money by selling your extra electricity back to the grid, helping to take some pressure off of your city’s grid.

Moreover, when you install a solar system, you are eligible to take advantage of the 30% Investment Tax Credit, which is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in income taxes that you be paying to the Federal government. This means more money in your pocket and a greater return on your solar investment!

Call us today at 954-541-5197; we will set up a free evaluation and provide you with information regarding your potential return on investment so you can start saving as soon as possible. More money in your pocket and doing your part in saving the Earth—win-win!

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