Net Metering: What Is It and Why Should You Want It?

Net Metering: What Is It and Why Should You Want It?

So you have the solar panels and you turn off your appliances before leaving the house – you’re crossing all of your T’s and dotting all of your I’s. If you do it the right way, you’ll soon have a surplus of energy,but most of it will remain unused unless you invest in an expensive battery to store the extra energy. We’re sure you’re wondering if there is a more affordable option – one that will help you save more money while you save the environment. The good news is that there is another option – get on the net metering bandwagon!

Net metering is the system in which the energy surplus you generate gives you a credit that you can use towards your next electric bill. In some cases, if you create more energy than you use, the local electric company will pay you for what energy they’ve gained, making you a profit. If you have market-rate net metering, they will only pay for a wholesale rate, meaning that you will not make any money, but you will save on your overall electric bill. Luckily for us Floridians, FPL does not utilize a market-rate metering system and will buy your energy at market value, allowing you to potentially make a profit from the installation of net metering.

So, why use the net metering system? First of all, it’s inexpensive—especially as compared to an external battery system—and allows homeowners and businesses to create their own energy, taking some pressure off of the main grid. Additionally, each home could reach a potential of creating creating enough electricity to power two to three homes; if your neighbors get in on it, your entire neighborhood could become self-sufficient. However, the number one reason people like to use net metering is the personal benefits; you’re going to save money on electricity each month and possibly make money from it if you create more power than you utilize.

Now that you have all of these benefits in the back of your brain, you’re probably asking yourself, “When can I sign up?” Well, the best time to invest in solar panels is during the winter when it is not as hot, because you will be using less energy to cool your home. By getting solar panels installed today, you can sell your excess energy and collect the many benefits for when the real heat starts to set in. Give Bison Roofing & Solar a call today at 954-541-5197 or visiting on the web.

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