Proposed Government Budget Slashes Clean Energy Funding

Proposed Government Budget Slashes Clean Energy Funding

The president has proposed a fiscal year budget for 2019 and the funding for clean energy is taking a hit, which has clean energy groups speaking out in opposition against this budget cut.

The Department of Energy budget for the 2019 fiscal year is $1.9 billion less than that of the 2017 fiscal year at $2.5 billion. This budget will be used for researching different energy technologies such as an improvement on the current battery storage technology that we have. For this same fiscal year, a $502 million budget has been proposed for research in the fossil energy department, showing an $81 million dollar jump from the 2017 fiscal year, to “improve the reliability and efficiency of advanced fossil based power systems(1).” And as for nuclear, there was a $259 million drop from the 2017 fiscal year, standing at $757 million in order to “revive and expand the U.S. nuclear energy sector…(1).” The request for the EPA is $5.4 billion —a 34% decrease from the 2017 fiscal year.

According to the White House budget report, the proposed budget for the 2019 fiscal year will “eliminate many voluntary and lower-priority activities and programs and invest in process improvements and other operational enhancements to bring greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness to the work of the agency(1).” In addition to this, the president vowed to reduce the number of regulations and regulatory costs and the EPA wants to instill more of them, leading to their decrease in budget. This budget cut is aiming to force these agencies to find other, more economical ways to protect the environment and health of our citizens.

What does this mean for solar users? In short, a budget cut on solar could put a strain on the solar panel industry. It will reduce the amount of solar panel companies and employees and could ultimately drive the prices upwards due to its loss of a competitive edge against traditional energy sources.

To learn more please visit Solar Industry Magazine.

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