Solar Contractors in South Florida

Solar Contractors in South Florida

Looking for another great way to enjoy life in The Sunshine State? While Florida is known for many things, you may not realize that it’s becoming known for its solar energy. If you’re looking to join the trend and go green with your energy consumption this year, find out how Florida solar contractors can help you. Let your home soak up the sun.

Why Choose Solar?

There are a lot of misconceptions about solar energy that can keep some homeowners from choosing this excellent energy source. If you’re hesitant to make the switch, discover some of the tremendous benefits that solar energy can bring:

  • Independent Energy: Avoid power outages and reliance on fossil fuels. Creating your own energy source will not only be great for the environment and your finances, but it can also feel incredibly freeing.
  • Impressive ROI: If you’re more interested in the bottom line, solar systems have an excellent ROI. As an investment opportunity, investing in your own energy can be just as beneficial as investing in your own home rather than renting.
  • Lower Monthly Bills: Whether you add a few panels or an entire system, solar energy can substantially lower your monthly energy bills. Even with financing, you may pay less than your current bill from the electric company.
  • Keep Your Home Green: Everyone should do their part to help protect the environment, and choosing solar can go a long way to making the world a cleaner place.
  • Flexible Financing: You don’t need thousands of dollars in the bank to get started. Enjoy several payment options to maximize your energy savings and minimize any additional financial burden.

Tax Credit and Other Benefits

There’s never been a better time to switch to solar. With the solar tax credit, the average homeowner saved approximately $5,000 in switching to solar energy in 2017. Skilled Florida solar contractors can help you qualify for all the relevant tax credits and other benefits for switching to solar.

With several complicated steps to ensuring you receive the tax credit, it’s best to let a professional installer handle the paperwork and setup of your system. Licensed solar contractors also know local and statewide benefits that may be available, and are up-to-date with any changes to the tax credit system.

Best Florida Solar Contractors

Choose the best company to install your solar energy system in Florida. At Bison Roofing & Solar, we pride ourselves on prompt, professional service by highly trained and friendly technicians. As Florida-licensed solar contractors, our crews have extensive knowledge of the best installation tips.

Once you contact our solar team, you’ll receive:

  • Free Solar Energy System Evaluation
  • Signed Agreement
  • Complete Design of Energy System
  • Professional Installation
  • Connections and Communication with Your Local Power Company

In no time you’ll have affordable energy generated right at your home. You’ll love the sense of freedom and innovation that comes with switching to solar. Let our team take all the work out of designing and installing these complex energy systems.

Financing Options

Many homeowners are hesitant to switch to solar because of the upfront costs. While it makes a worthwhile investment strategy, it can be a steep initial investment. Thankfully, with Bison Roofing & Solar, you have many financing options available.

Homeowners with the capital available can purchase a system with cash. This is the best investment opportunity available and will give you the quickest ROI. However, it can be more than most homeowners have access to.

Pace financing is based on the equity in your home and doesn’t require any money down. You’ll be able to receive competitive interest rates and a manageable payment plan. It’s a popular option for homeowners without cash-on-hand and with low credit scores.

If you have excellent credit, consider an unsecured loan for your solar energy system. You won’t have to put any money down, and you’ll receive competitive interest rates. Like the other financing options, you won’t have to worry about any prepay penalties. An unsecured loan is offered with a fixed monthly payment, so it’s easier than your traditional energy bill to budget for.

Carefully consider which financing option is best for your situation. With three flexible payment plans available, homeowners in nearly any situation can find a plan that works. Don’t let the initial price tag worry you. With the right financing, solar energy can be an affordable option for almost any home, particularly in the sun-rich neighborhoods throughout Florida.

Call Bison Roofing & Solar Today

With great financing options and excellent ROI, there are few reasons not to switch to solar. Join the homeowners all across Florida who have already switched to generating their own electricity. When you’re ready to save on your monthly electric bills, contact Bison Roofing & Solar today. From estimates and designs to installation and tax credits, our seasoned professionals can take care of your new, dynamic solar system.

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