Sunny Ways to Add Value to Your Home

solar panels on house

Sunny Ways to Add Value to Your Home

For many, the desire to improve your home is an ongoing project- with new coats of paint drying on the walls and stacks of home improvement magazines lining the kitchen counter. Some home improvement projects can become a costly process. When adding a solar power system to your home not only will you find it cost effective, you’ll also find that it can increase the market value of a home.

Earn Tax Credits

Some people might be put off on installing a pv system because of the installation costs but, thanks to the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) or rather the Federal Solar Tax Credit, you may find that most installation costs of pv systems are deductible from federal taxes, for both residential and commercial services. Remember to speak to your tax adviser if you have gone solar this year to learn more about how your state handles tax credits.

Owning You Solar Panels is a Bonus

Having your home outfitted with solar system is a great way to increase the value of a home. According to Fannie Mae and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), homeowners who own the panels of their solar system will see an added increase to the total appraisal value of their home. See the value that your solar system has added to your home by scheduling an appointment with a home appraiser.

Improve the Resale Value of your Home

In today’s housing marking, homebuyers are eager to purchase homes that have already been outfitted with a solar system. This is because many people understand the value of renewable energy sources combined with a solar power system’s ability to reduce utility costs. The demand for homes with solar power systems has grown at a tremendous rate. Making the current housing market solar power friendly.

Is Solar Right For your Home

Still wondering if going solar is the right investment for your home this year? Call and speak to a Bison Roofing professional today, at (954) 541-5197, to learn more about solar energy.

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