Solar Power Hour

The Solar Power Hour


Start your day bright and sunny with the Solar Power Hour!

Hosted on iHeartRadio, The Solar Power Hour is a new radio show from NewsRadio 61Q WIOD, with episodes released every Sunday. The program is all about solar power – its growing impact in communities and what it can do for homeowners. Adam Coughlin, president and CEO of Bison Roofing & Solar, brings his experience with, and passion for, solar power to the studio as he talks about what solar power contractors like Bison Roofing & Solar provide.

In a world where energy is becoming an increasing issue, many homeowners have concerns about growing bills and reliable access to power in times of crisis. At the same time, though, misconceptions about the alternatives spread easily and are hard to shake. This is especially true with solar power – everyone knows of it, but persistent myths mean many folks don’t know much about it. Many of these misconceptions lead people to think that solar power won’t cut it for them, or that it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

The Solar Power Hour


  • “Solar can’t really power my whole house, can it?”
  • “You need a specific kind of roof to install solar panels, don’t you?”
  • “Doesn’t this mean I have to go off the grid or rewire my entire house?
  • “Well, it might be cheap energy, but what about the upfront costs?”
  • “Is this going to be fine with local regulations? Or my homeowner association?”

This is why The Solar Power Hour was started – to educate homeowners who are curious about solar power but might still be fuzzy on the details and may not know if it’s right for them. Adam Coughlin, together with co-host Brenna, breaks down the common concerns on solar energy and sheds a light on development in the industry, how solar power systems work in practice, and what contractors like Bison Roofing & Solar can do for residents in the Fort Lauderdale area. For listeners in the area especially, the latter is the most important: you get relevant information on how solar interacts with your life and locale, and how Bison Roofing & solar services stand out. With the energy industry always changing and solar technology developing further every day, though, Adam still has answers for you wherever you live.

The Solar Power Hour Episodes


Every episode has a handful of prepared questions about solar power anin general and the services that Bison Roofing & Solar can offer, both in solar power and in roofing. Adam draws from personal experiences, as a business owner and a personal user of solar power, to provide honest answers – including the struggles and mistakes that he’s learned from on the way to where he is now. With Brenna posing the questions and adding her own, they build an engaging conversation that makes this information easy to access; something you can listen to anytime or share with others. Listeners can also submit their own questions to Adam and Brenna for future episodes. This means that the questions being addressed are the ones relevant to hte South Florida area and those living there – the rumors, concerns, misconceptions, and mysteries that people want answers to.

iHeartRadio Solar Power Hour


Get new episodes of The Solar Power Hour as they air on iHeartRadio, or find the whole podcast below – catch up on what you missed, give older episodes a re-listen anytime, or share them with friends and family who want to learn more about solar power. If you want to ask Adam a question of your own and have it answered on-air, call in at 1-866-610-6397 – if you have an AT&T wireless phone, you can hit *610 instead. You can also contact Bison Roofing & Solar directly for information or a quote at (954)-541-5197.