The SolarEdge App and How it Can Help You Manage Your Solar Energy

The SolarEdge App and How it Can Help You Manage Your Solar Energy

Having almost everything at the touch of your fingertips is convenient and essential for productivity. So why not manage your solar energy with just one app? Now you can with the SolarEdge App. This free app helps system owners and PV installers remotely monitor their sites from anywhere with just a touch of a button. The mobile app allows you to manage multiple accounts, maximizing your solar energy efforts and savings. The team at Bison Solar and Roofing has provided you with some key features to help you get familiar with the SolarEdge App.

Get Access to Real-Time Data

Real-time data allows companies to react quickly to problems or changes precisely when it is occurring. This proactive approach keeps owners and installers up to speed with site performance. The app is organized by day, week, month, and year. You can view your system production, consumption, and comparative energy through monthly, quarterly, yearly intervals. The app even allows you to see your saved CO2 emission and the equivalent trees planted.

Multiple Site Monitoring

Having one go-to application for multiple sites is a win-win for you and your property’s energy conservation. Managing multiple accounts on the go with one application is the ultimate tool. The SolarEdge app allows you to easily access your site energy production levels. You can view measurements from today or even months ago. The mobile app also offers real-time weather updates to help you manage the performance of your system when weather conditions aren’t exactly cooperative.

Bison Solar and Roofing – Your Partner in Going Solar

Managing your solar energy production is an important aspect to any solar energy consumer or PV installer. Having an on-the-go and reliable app from the comfort of your phone makes management easier and more efficient. Our team at Bison Solar and Roofing embrace our ability to install high-quality solar PV systems-that can now be easily monitored from your mobile device! Call us at (954)541-5197 or contact us here.

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