When Should You Clean Your Roof

When Should You Clean Your Roof

Weather in South Florida can hit your roof hard and at times homeowners are met with the decision on getting a new roof, repairing their roof or in some situations get their roof cleaned. When should you get your roof cleaned over any of the other solutions? If you can just get your roof cleaned, when and how should you get your roof cleaned?

People in Broward County Florida often ask: “how often should I get my roof cleaned?”

Because this is a question that is often asked we decided to write a post about it. However, the answer isn’t the easiest and there are many variables involved. So let’s try and cover as many variables as possible today and whether or not your homes roof needs a cleaning. First, let’s talk about what affects the condition of your roof. Then we can talk about how to get your South Florida roof cleaned properly.

What Can Affect The Condition Of Your Roof

There are multiple reasons why the condition of your roof might be compromised but there are two major reasons that are usually the cause. The two culprits are structural damage and moss/algae/fungi/bacteria growth.

1. Heavy Rain and Humidity

Water that sits on your roof is the perfect environment for bacterial growth. After heavy rain, or in our case in Florida, humidity. You might notice more bacterial growth than usual.

The amount of rainfall that hits your roof can directly affect when and how often you should be getting your roof cleaned. If you can’t tell if your roof needs cleaning then feel free to contact us today and get a free inspection and estimate on your roof.

2. The amount of sun or the lack of sun your roof gets

Having trees above your roof can give your home shade that can keep your home cooler during the hot summer days. This is great, but it can prevent the water and moisture from evaporating off of your roof.

This allows the water to stay longer and breeds bacterial growth.

3. Other Factors To Consider

We covered only two but there are plenty of factors that come into play that may increase how often you need a roof cleaning. Keeping good maintenance on your roof can extend your roofs life by years and years.

So when you notice more than usual rain or any missing shingles or structural damage. It may be time to get an expert inspection on your roof.

How South Florida Roofs Should Be Cleaned

First of all, let me start by saying that not one roofing expert would recommend you get on top of your roof and clean it yourself. We’ve seen too many injuries happen due to inexperience and slipping. Even when being extra careful, it just takes one slip and that’s it.

At times it can be very hot and humid and can increase slips and falls. So leave it to the experts if you can.

Here at Bison Roofing and Solar, we not only clean your roof but we also leave a treatment to keep it cleaner longer. We offer a free inspection too so we can identify any damage done so we can take care of it now before it cost you more in the future.

Give us a call today and we’ll clean your roof for you.


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