how does it work?

its all about the kwh

The amount of kilowatt hours (KWHs) you use will determine the number of panels needed, the cost, the savings, and the ROI.

how does it work?

grid-tied systems

Your panels will make more electricity than you need during the day; this is when you will send energy to the grid. At night or on cloudy days, you will take energy from the grid, typically in the form of credits you have stored up.

how does it work?


Florida legislature supports net metering, which means your utility company has to buy your excess energy from you at the same rate that you pay for it.

our process

  • site eval

    We are the only company that completes a site evaluation PRE-PROPOSAL. We evaluate your property, roof and electrical so there are no surprises later!


    Once you decide to hire us for your solar install, we complete a site survey to ensure all necessary info is gathered to design an optimized, custom system.

  • Permitting

    Our skilled, in house permit tech handles all permitting tasks from submission to approval, to ensure permits are obtained as quickly as possible.

  • Installation

    Our skilled, in house, solar installation crew and our expert solar electrician complete all Bison installs using a quality, clean, ethical workmanship practice.

  • commission

    After your final inspection has been passed, your utility will install your new bi-directional meter. Its time to commission your system and celebrate!

the components matter

putting it all together

We use only the best products to make up your solar system; this ensures your solar will be as efficient as possible and last as long as possible, to bring you the most value possible. Many of our competitors will cut corners on panels or inverters to save money, or simply because they do not know any better. With us, you can rest assured that our expertise and commitment to our values drive us to offer our customers nothing less than the best.

Monocrystalline Panels: The main advantages of moncrystalline panels are higher efficiencies and sleeker aesthetics.  The silicon used is single-crystal; this means the electrons that generate a flow of electricity have more room to move and in turn, are more efficient.

OUR panels

We only use Tier 1, black on black, monocrystalline panels. The panels we install are only the most reliable brands with trusted 25 year warranties.

Polycrystalline Panels: Polycrystalline solar panels have lower efficiencies than mono options because manufacturers melt many fragments of silicon together; this gives the electrons less freedom to move. They also tend to have a blue hue instead of the black hue of monos.

their panels

Our competition frequently uses polycrystalline panels with silver frames. We also often see a misuse of 72 cell panels for residential homes.



Enphase is the most reliable and accountable inverter on the market.  Microinverters allow each panel to be its own “power plant”, and are not dependent on a central inverter.



their inverter

SolarEdge is a central inverter; if the central inverter fails, the entire system is inoperable.

Device Frame


The Enlighten mobile app lets you quickly and easily check on your Enphase Home Energy System anytime, anywhere; you can see how much energy your system has produced from your solar panels and imported from the utility. 

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Contact us today to learn more.